The Individual is Rising

Third Edition

The Individual is Rising

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A specter is haunting the modern world...

Society has undergone a massive change over the past several decades - the type of change from which there is no return. This change has been the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age; a transition which is still in its infancy.

Though still an infant, the Information Age is here, and we are living within its early stages. Most people may not know this yet, but they can feel it.

The institutional foundation of the industrial world is crumbling all around us. Governments are broke. Social welfare programs are severely underfunded. Unions are broke. Pension plans are underfunded. National currencies have been trashed. Blue-collar jobs in the developed world have been lost to low-wage countries. Low-wage jobs have been lost to robotics and automation. Many of the jobs just disappeared entirely. Everyone's retirement account is propped up by the constant creation of money out of thin air required to keep the financial markets afloat.

Welcome to the Information Age!

In truth, these are all great things. The seeds of a second  Renaissance for human civilization have already been sown. It is a Renaissance based on decentralization, voluntary association, free markets, free enterprise, distributed systems, participatory networks, and individual self-empowerment.

Read on to find out why... the individual is rising.

Here are some examples of what the Individual is Rising 3rd Edition delivers:

  • How the monetary system evolved over the last century to pave the way for mass centralization
  • An examination of the greatest Ponzi scheme ever attempted and what happens when it implodes
  • The truth about the Social Security Trust Fund
  • What prominent macroeconomic trends mean for the global financial system
  • How Industrial Age solutions have morphed into Information Age problems
  • Why the conventional road to success is now a dead end
  • A practical vision for education in the digital age
  • Why the institutional foundations of the industrial world are crumbling all around us
  • The future of money, commerce, and jobs - and how to capitalize on these trends
  • Information Age tips and tricks, including how to secure your digital communications
  • Why the digital economy is facilitating decentralization and a new opportunity for individual liberty
  • How to use asset allocation to build an antifragile investment portfolio
  • How to build and manage an equity portfolio
  • How to build a position in Bitcoin utilizing proper good practices and risk management
  • How to implement the Beta Investment Strategy
  • How to achieve Financial Escape Velocity
  • How to utilize the Infinite Banking Concept to shatter the industrial world's glass ceiling
  • The two fundamental means of acquiring wealth
  • Learn a generational financial strategy capable of financing your child's education with no student loans or bank loans necessary
  • How to be more self reliant than 99% of the population
  • Why distributed Gamma systems are rendering centralized civil service functions obsolete
  • How the Crypto Revolution is set to liberate trillions worth of dead capital within the global economy and spark a second Renaissance
  • Welcome to the Information Age!

Claim your copy today and learn everything you need to know to transcend the industrial order and prosper in the digital age!

What Others Are Saying

"A wonderful book that covers a treasure trove of ideas and information that sticks a dagger in the heart of collectivism." - Jeff Berwick, founder of The Dollar Vigilante and TDV Media & Services

"The Individual is Rising challenges status quo thinking about liberty, money, wealth, and the potential for dark times ahead. Withrow goes on to layout a clear blueprint for taking control of what an individual can do today to protect themselves and have a positive impact on righting the ship. The individual is rising and I want to be a part of this peaceful and prosperous revolution!" - Joey Mertlich, Infinite Banking Advisor at Evergreen Life

"Joe Withrow can see the writing on the wall. Government authoritarians have painted themselves into a corner, and only time remains on their side. A great shift in beliefs about the role of government is occurring. "The Individual Rising" provides an easy to understand analysis of how government has created the major problems that we face, and how we individuals can do our part to deal with them.

Withrow clearly identifies that all change begins with our thinking. When we embrace the decaying ideas of collectivism, we must suffer the disheartening results. At the same time, when we understand and embrace the ideas of Liberty, a whole new and exciting world opens up to us.

"The Individual Rising" goes right for the authoritarian jugular by placing a lot of focus on government's compulsory "education" system, and the terribly immoral and crooked monetary system. The latter depends greatly on the existence of the former.

But this is not just a book that identifies problems created by government, it also provides easy to implement steps that can be taken by the forward-thinking amongst us. Withrow shares the steps that he has taken to help cushion the blows of government's (now regular) economic busts.

Withrow puts the keys into your hands, right where they belong. Coercive government, and its one-size-fits-all ideas may surround us at every turn, but all change begins in the mind. The ideas of Liberty are rolling forward. The individual is, in fact, rising!" - Chris Rossini, author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs to Know About The Federal Reserve and columnist at The Ron Paul Liberty Report

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About the Author


Joe Withrow is just an average, hardworking American who did everything by the ‘American Dream’ handbook.

He took advanced classes in a public high school and graduated with good grades. He then went on to earn a finance degree from a public university.

Upon graduation, Joe moved to a metropolitan city and played the corporate game, working for two different mega banks and earning several minor promotions/pay raises/bonuses for his efforts.

Joe bought a starter home, met his wife, and settled down to live the American Dream – just as he had been “educated” to do. He contributed the match rate to his 401(k) and he maxed out his contributions to a traditional IRA – just as he had been “educated” to do.

Joe was doing everything the “right” way and a storybook life appeared to be unfolding before him.

But then something strange happened.

Joe started to see that the rat-race had no light at the end of the tunnel and no rewards worth reaping.

He began to realize that the ‘American Dream’ was at best a myth and at worst a means of control. He began to see how the monetary system itself worked against him. He began to realize that his annual wage increases could not possibly keep up with inflation over the long term and therefore he was stuck on a perpetual tread-mill despite doing everything the right way. He began to realize that the stock market could not possibly go up exponentially forever no matter how many talking heads swore up and down that it would.

So Joe started to do a lot of independent research and he started to do a lot of introspective examination. He quickly came to the realization that he had to build a more self-reliant lifestyle if he wanted to have a chance to create a Mindful life for himself and his family.

So Joe made the decision to seek financial freedom. Over a period of time, Joe was able to eliminate debt and needless spending and redirect his income to a carefully constructed asset allocation model. This enabled him to end his career in corporate America and spend his time pursuing entrepreneurial projects of interest.


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