The Individual is Rising

Second Edition


Are you paying attention?

There's something going on that they don't want you to know about. Everything looks normal on the surface, but something is fundamentally wrong - isn't it? You can feel it.

The truth is, a massive financial reset is already underway. The 2008 financial crisis that nearly collapsed the global financial system was never fixed; it was papered over. Trillions of dollars have been created out of thin air to accomplish this. The problems are now much larger.

The banks are bigger. The governments are bigger. The debt is bigger. The derivative market is bigger. The leverage is higher. The system is more fragile than ever.

These problems are neglected on your television programming, but they are obvious for those who simply look. We are living with a legacy financial system constructed by 20th century thinking. The rules have changed, but our approach has not.

There will be ten thousand people turning 65 in the United States every single day for the next decade. Each of these people will expect the legacy systems they supported their entire life to now support them.

But there is a problem.

These legacy systems already run deficits, and there are far more people exiting the systems than entering them.

Change is approaching...

Those who recognize the coming reset can position themselves to weather the storm, and thrive in its wake. Those who remain ignorant to what is coming will fall behind.

If you want to understand this budding financial reset and learn specific strategies you can implement to put yourself in a position to thrive then The Individual is Rising may be the most important book you read this year.

This book is not about propagating fear, worry, or doubt;  it is about understanding followed by action. It is about implementing anti-fragile strategies to weather the macroeconomic storm created by the central bank/national government alliance. It is about fundamentally challenging the conventional wisdom of the status quo. It is about creating a future based on individual self-empowerment.

Are you watching?

The individual is rising.

Here are some examples of what the Individual is Rising 2nd Edition delivers:

  • How the monetary system evolved over the last century to pave the way for central planning and funny-money economics
  • An examination of the greatest Ponzi scheme ever attempted and what happens when it implodes
  • The truth about the Social Security Trust Fund
  • Why the compulsory public school system destroys real learning
  • Why the conventional road to success is now a dead end
  • How the Internet Reformation is rendering the current educational model obsolete
  • Ideas for individualized education reform
  • How a lawful society stems from individual liberty, natural law, and contract law
  • How a voluntaryist approach to society is compatible with Liberty while coerced collectivism is not
  • How voluntaryism enables diverse societies to exist parallel with one another
  • How the mainstream media is gradually fading into irrelevance thanks to the growing independent media movement
  • The two fundamental means of acquiring wealth
  • How Liberty is tied to free markets and free enterprise
  • How the free market is self-regulating and self-governing
  • How the current monetary system works to transfer wealth from the average person to the political and financial elite
  • What money really is and what characteristics it must possess
  • The origin of modern personal finance and its flaws
  • Why you should be apprehensive of qualified retirement plans
  • How to mitigate the boom-bust cycles caused by the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking
  • A generational financial strategy capable of financing your child's education and start-up costs with no student loan or bank loan necessary
  • How to render the Social Security System and the entire welfare model obsolete in one simple step
  • Why we don't need more government programs; we need more individual solutions and human action
  • How to build anti-fragility using a personal asset allocation model
  • How to be your own central bank… minus the fraud
  • How to transfer the power of the purse away from governments, central banks, and Wall Street and back to individuals
  • How to be more self reliant than 99% of the population
  • The two problems with the modern definition of 'economic development'
  • What the author has personally done to prepare for the Great Reset including how he quit his job in the process
  • What the author would do if he were of college-age today
  • What the author would do if he were approaching retirement today
  • How the System has been rigged against you
  • How cryptocurrencies are paving the way for mass decentralization
  • How to opt out of the fascist healthcare system altogether
  • The truth about conspiracy theorists
  • The emerging holographic cultural shift away from centralization and the status-quo

Do not be caught off-guard as the Great Reset picks up steam - order your copy today!

What Others Are Saying

"A wonderful book that covers a treasure trove of ideas and information that sticks a dagger in the heart of collectivism." - Jeff Berwick, founder of The Dollar Vigilante and TDV Media & Services

"The Individual is Rising challenges status quo thinking about liberty, money, wealth, and the potential for dark times ahead. Withrow goes on to layout a clear blueprint for taking control of what an individual can do today to protect themselves and have a positive impact on righting the ship. The individual is rising and I want to be a part of this peaceful and prosperous revolution!" - Joey Mertlich, Infinite Banking Advisor at Evergreen Life

"Joe Withrow can see the writing on the wall. Government authoritarians have painted themselves into a corner, and only time remains on their side. A great shift in beliefs about the role of government is occurring. "The Individual Rising" provides an easy to understand analysis of how government has created the major problems that we face, and how we individuals can do our part to deal with them.

Withrow clearly identifies that all change begins with our thinking. When we embrace the decaying ideas of collectivism, we must suffer the disheartening results. At the same time, when we understand and embrace the ideas of Liberty, a whole new and exciting world opens up to us.

"The Individual Rising" goes right for the authoritarian jugular by placing a lot of focus on government's compulsory "education" system, and the terribly immoral and crooked monetary system. The latter depends greatly on the existence of the former.

But this is not just a book that identifies problems created by government, it also provides easy to implement steps that can be taken by the forward-thinking amongst us. Withrow shares the steps that he has taken to help cushion the blows of government's (now regular) economic busts.

Withrow puts the keys into your hands, right where they belong. Coercive government, and its one-size-fits-all ideas may surround us at every turn, but all change begins in the mind. The ideas of Liberty are rolling forward. The individual is, in fact, rising!" - Chris Rossini, author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs to Know About The Federal Reserve and columnist at The Ron Paul Liberty Report

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About the Author

 Joe Withrow is just an average, hardworking American who did everything by the ‘American Dream’ handbook.

He took advanced classes in a public high school and graduated with good grades. He then went on to earn a finance degree from a public university.

Upon graduation, Joe moved to a metropolitan city and played the corporate game, working for two different mega banks and earning several minor promotions/pay raises/bonuses for his efforts.

Joe bought a starter home, met his wife, and settled down to live the American Dream – just as he had been “educated” to do. He contributed the match rate to his 401(k) and he maxed out his contributions to a traditional IRA – just as he had been “educated” to do. Joe was doing everything the “right” way and a storybook life appeared to be unfolding before him.

But then something strange happened.

Joe started to see that the rat-race had no light at the end of the tunnel and no rewards worth reaping.

He began to realize that the ‘American Dream’ was at best a myth and at worst a means of control. He began to see how the monetary system itself worked against him. He began to see how constant central bank inflation stole his purchasing power and transferred it to the political and financial elite. He began to realize that his annual wage increases could not possibly keep up with inflation over the long term and therefore he was stuck on a perpetual tread-mill despite doing everything the right way. He began to realize that the stock market could not possibly go up exponentially forever no matter how many CNBC talking heads swore up and down that it would. And he began to see how his tax dollars were being used by the political class to systematically destroy the very principles America was founded upon – free markets, individual liberty, privacy, and property rights.

So Joe started to do a lot of independent research and he started to do a lot of introspective examination. He quickly came to the realization that he had to build a more self-reliant lifestyle if he wanted to have a chance to create a mindful life for himself and his family. So Joe ended his career in corporate America, sold his home, liquidated his government-approved retirement accounts, and moved to a rural area up in the mountains to begin the next chapter.

Joe has since been working to gradually make his small homestead as resilient as possible while also capitalizing an Infinite Banking insurance policy (IBC) and minding his asset allocation model in an effort to prepare for the “Great Reset” that he sees as inevitable within the next decade. While Joe does think the coming decades will be the most difficult time period in more than a century from the American perspective, he also expects a decentralized and individualist society to eventually emerge as the fallacy of Keynesian central planning and the true nature of government is finally revealed to all, even those not interested in seeing.

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